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About AuraSpa – A Beverly Hills Holistic Medical Spa

Many medical spas only focus on the outer beauty of an individual, not the overall wellness of the body. Dr. Ben Talei, the founder of AuraSpa, wanted to create a med spa that approached beauty from a holistic perspective, nourishing the body from the inside to invigorate rejuvenation and regeneration for anti-aging. Combining the basic elements of air, energy and water, AuraSpa offers a unique experience for those wanting to achieve better health and beauty.

Aging begins inside the cells of the skin and body. The idea behind AuraSpa is to nourish the cells of the body through a holistic blend of elements. With our air or oxygen therapy, we deliver vital oxygen to the cells. Energy treatments are delivered through our LED light therapy, rejuvenating and restoring wellness through improved circulation and healing stimulation. Water is delivered directly to the bloodstream with our IV therapies, offering complete hydration and vital nutrients for sustained health.

Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Regeneration

The holistic approach we use at AuraSpa was based on Dr. Talei’s vision for anti-aging, rejuvenation and regeneration. Dr. Talei has earned his reputation as a world-class facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon through many years of practice and excellence. Dr. Talei wanted to create a medical spa that focused on holistic wellness. He understands that rejuvenation and regeneration from the inside out are needed for true anti-aging benefits. Our treatments facilitate healing and repair of the body, resulting in incredible rejuvenation of health and beauty.

To learn more about our innovative approach to anti-aging and wellness, contact our AuraSpa healing Center in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation. We offer oxygen, light and IV therapies, as well as many other treatments for beauty and wellness. Experience an innovative approach to looking and feeling your best at any age!