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6 Surprising Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

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You may have heard of “banana bags” used in hospitals and medical clinics to restore fluids in patients with dehydration, hangovers, and other types of fluid loss. IV therapy has been used for over a century, delivering fluids, medications, and nutrients directly to the bloodstream to bypass the digestive system. What you may not know is that IV drip therapy can be used for much more than just rehydration after too many cocktails or a severe illness. Here are six ways that IV therapy can boost your health and wellness.

1. Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrient Support

Eating a plant-based diet can have many benefits, but it also needs to be paired with awareness of nutrients that may need to be supplemented. B-12 is a vitamin that cannot be manufactured in the body and is primarily found in animal-derived foods. A B-12 IV drip can be a simple way for vegans and vegetarians to ensure they get enough B-12, which is vital for cognitive function and many other health roles.

2. Weight Loss Support

Specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids are needed to “burn” fat in the body. If you are striving to lose weight, you want to ensure your body has the metabolic nutrients required for efficient fat-burning. IV drip formulas can be customized to include B vitamins, amino acids, and other weight loss support nutrients to maximize your weight loss efforts and give you more energy while you are on your weight loss journey.

3. Fitness Stamina and Recovery

Are you training for a marathon or trying to improve your fitness level? Building muscle and recovering after strenuous activities requires optimum hydration and certain nutrients. IV drip therapy can help you recover faster and help you reach your fitness goals.

4. Immune System Boost

When your immune system is strong, it can fight off the viruses and other illnesses that plague your body. Antioxidants and other nutrients can boost your immune system to keep you healthy through the cold and flu season and beyond.

5. Anti-aging and Beauty Benefits

Radiant skin, shiny hair, and strong nails all require hydration and nutrients. At AuraSpa, we have IV drip formulas that are designed to help you look your best at every age, giving you a healthy glow and a more youthful appearance. Try our Glutathione IV regimen or our beauty IV drip for fantastic results.

6. Energy Enhancement

If you have an active lifestyle, you must keep your energy levels high. If you are feeling fatigued from trying to achieve the best work-life balance, give yourself the gift of IV therapy. Try the Myer’s Cocktail drip for the ultimate boost in your health and energy – treatment can usually be completed in about an hour.

IV drip therapy can enhance your health, appearance and overall physical and mental well-being. To schedule an IV drip therapy session, contact our team at AuraSpa in Beverly Hills, CA.

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