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An Oil Blend with Multiple Benefits for Your Skin

Cosmetic Skin Care

AuraSilk Oil is a revolution in skincare, with multiple benefits for both men and women of all ages. No matter your skin type, this product developed by Dr. Ben Talei can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

You can apply AuraSilk, which contains a blend of over 20 oils, at morning or night. Additionally, this product is suitable for use with all moisturizing creams. For those who like to wear makeup, a pre-application of AuraSilk is a great way to protect the skin.

AuraSilk Oil Health Benefits

When using AuraSilk, there are numerous healing and soothing properties. If you are currently employing another treatment protocol, these essential oils work perfectly in combination. Dr. Talei often recommends his product to patients who are going through post ablative laser and peel applications.

Signs of premature aging are a problem that both men and women face. As an anti-inflammatory and lipid-restoring solution, you can use AuraSilk Oil to help roll back the years. This product also minimizes the impact of lines and wrinkles.

If large pore sizes, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, eczema or acne scars are ruining your confidence, AuraSilk provides healing properties. All benefits associated with this amazing blend of oils are cumulative, which means you will continue to see improvements with continued use.

Additionally, AuraSilk Oil has been formulated to act as a sunscreen. The sun is one of the most common causes of premature aging and can cause skin condition symptoms to flare up. At AuraSpa of Beverly Hills, we want to give you all the tools needed to combat the tide of time.

Dr. Ben Talei

Dr. Ben Talei is a world-renowned plastic surgeon who has dedicated his professional life to helping patients achieve better skin and restored confidence. Many of the treatments that he offers at his Beverly Hills offices show improved results with the use of supplementary skincare products.

Using his extensive knowledge of skin types and anatomy, Dr. Talei developed AuraSilk Oil as a product designed to support and promote healthy skin. To learn more about AuraSpa of Beverly Hills and the other services we offer, call today.

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