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Athletes Perform Better When Hydrated

Drink Water Beverly Hills CA

When athletes train hard, dehydration is an inevitable consequence. In some sporting activities, athletes are required to meet a weight limit. If the athlete is overweight, there is often a grace period allowed in which the athlete must cut weight before weighing in for a second time.

The problem with this process is that it typically causes severe dehydration. For the sake of the athlete’s health, the obvious long-term solution is to move up a weight class. However, in the short term, rehydrating is the most pressing issue.

Improved Body Function with Rehydration

A “hydrate drip” is a quick and effective method for helping athletes to restore lost water after competition. At Aura Spa, our rehydration treatment replaces fluids and electrolytes to help the body heal and function correctly.

An athlete who is suffering from significant dehydration cannot compete at optimum levels and may risk suffering from health complications. Every organ in the body relies on water. If anatomical systems are deprived of the nutrients that they need, the eventual consequence is health problems and even organ failure.


Aura Spa offers a range of treatments that are designed to promote holistic health and well-being. If you are an athlete who is struggling with a grueling training regimen, we can help you get back to full strength and a healthy condition through the provision of treatments that will replace lost nutrients.

Our procedures and therapies are also aimed toward body rejuvenation – both inside and out. From failing internal organs and essential anatomical systems to prematurely aging skin, we have solutions that are perfectly suited to the aspiring athlete.

Call our offices in Beverly Hills to book an appointment so you can start benefiting from an Aura Spa holistic treatment plan. We look forward to helping you reach peak performance in the sport that you love.

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