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While interest in cosmetic treatments has skyrocketed in recent years, traditional face-lifts have seen a decline, even in towns across the nation known for going under the knife. The shift, many claim, is due to new technologies, procedural “cocktails” and other modalities that work with an array of skin tones. Even so, when special blends and luxurious products fail to provide the results that patients want, there’s “the Ferrari of face-lifts” called AuraLyft. The innovative technique, pioneered by dual board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei, is anything but conventional. In fact, only a handful of physicians are able to perform it.

The Hollywood Reporter published a portion of an interview with Dr. Talei regarding AuraLyft in 2016. In the article, Dr. Talei explains that the three-hour surgery (which only necessitates a local anesthetic) involves going deep under the muscle to pull up and elevate the face, neck and upper chest. He also notes that the procedure is fully “reproducible,” meaning that consistent results can be achieved every single time. This cannot be said of standard face-lifts.

A Unique Procedure | A Revolutionary Change

AuraLyft can be performed on patients young and old, with the same expectations—to appear more refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized. The face does not look stretched or pulled, and incisions are hidden. Dr. Talei is able to treat the entire neck, jawline, cheeks, under the eyes and the temporal area that’s lateral to the brow. While traditional face-lift procedures often combine dermal fillers and fat transfer, the unique AuraLyft procedure simply repositions a patient’s existing tissues to achieve balance and youthfulness. Therefore, it is a standalone method that helps patients maintain their natural facial expressions and characteristics. With results that are jaw dropping, even family members of those having received AuraLyft have a hard time believing that their results were obtained through plastic surgery. The change is nothing short of revolutionary.

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