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Consider an AuraSpa Hangover Cure Drip This Holiday Season

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As the festive season approaches, you may find yourself bombarded with invitations to celebrate with friends, family and colleagues. Over this past year, many of us have experienced restrictions on holding gatherings and traveling, which has only fueled the urge to reconnect with our loved ones. The excitement of coming together again may cause you to overindulge on celebratory cocktails or feel tempted to enjoy “just one more” adult beverage.

In addition, the sheer number of social commitments can cause a scheduling conflict. A company get-together could represent an ideal networking opportunity, but may coincide with a long-anticipated family event the next day. Participating in the former could affect your ability to enjoy the latter.

How Does a Hangover Affect Me?

Hangover symptoms as a result of occasional over-indulgence are an unpleasant experience. Sufferers commonly experience a dry mouth and feel excessively thirsty, accompanied by a headache. You may also feel nauseated with stomach pains, which could progress to vomiting. The body can suffer feelings of fatigue with aching muscles. Often, people can fail to discount the impact alcohol may have on your mood, leaving you feeling anxious, irritable and depressed.

These symptoms are unpleasant on their own, but could impair your concentration and dexterity, making activities like driving unsafe. A hangover can also impair focus at work or school, making it more difficult to complete important tasks.

What Can I Do to Avoid a Hangover?

The best way to avoid experiencing a hangover is to prevent it before it begins. Experts recommend a moderate intake of alcohol and taking sips of water in between alcoholic drinks. Consuming a healthy meal before any alcohol is also a good way to reduce the adverse effects of drinking.

However, sometimes your best intentions may not have the desired outcome, and you may still suffer the next day. In this case, contact AuraSpa to arrange a “Hangover Cure Drip”. We apply a rehydrating infusion of nutrients directly to the bloodstream to alleviate uncomfortable hangover symptoms in less than an hour.

Think ahead this holiday season. Contact AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills today.

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