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Custom IV Therapy for Optimal Health and Wellness

Healthy Fruit IV Drips

A growing trend for optimal health and wellness, custom IV therapy or “drips” represent a highly efficient way of delivering vitamins, supplements and nutrients to the body. Yet, this unique form of therapy is more than a fad. From brain functioning to physical performance, beauty, weight management, anti-aging and more, hydration has always been a key component of overall health. The problem is—most individuals do not hydrate themselves effectively, and many are unable to properly absorb the nutrients needed from drinking water.

As such, one critical benefit of IV therapy is that nothing is wasted. What’s more, IV drip therapy bypasses the digestive system altogether, making it easy to absorb vitamins that would otherwise make a person nauseous. As the special blend of hydration is delivered directly to the bloodstream, the circulatory system then passes nutrients and more to human cells where they can be used immediately. IV drips are suitable for individuals of all ages, and can be formulated to address and treat various conditions and illnesses. A specific IV therapy can be designed to re-boot the body during a hangover or following a stomach virus, while a different IV cocktail might be administered to a business executive working to meet a deadline. In other cases, an individual may opt to receive a custom “beauty” IV drip that contains Vitamin B12, B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, Biotin and antioxidants to remove free radicals and detoxify the body and skin.

AuraSpa – The Benefits of Holistic Healing in Beverly Hills

While Dr. Ben Talei has honed his skills as a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, he realizes that beauty and wellness begin with air, energy and water. Each of these has a profound impact on an individual’s physical and mental capabilities, which is why Dr. Talei and his team have assumed a holistic approach to anti-aging and healing at AuraSpa.

With customized IV therapies options for beauty, a hangover, detox, hydrate, fitness and an exclusive Myers drip blend, individuals enjoy immediate benefits of feeling refreshed and revitalized as infused nutrients continue to nourish the body with 100% absorption.

To schedule your custom IV session, call AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills today.

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