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Discover the Power of the Elements

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Many cultures incorporate an elemental system as a path to spiritual wellness and holistic healing. Chinese feng shui uses the power of earth, fire, water, wood and metal to balance personal spaces. Native American culture uses the Sacred Hoop or Medicine Wheel to combine four elements with animal totems to promote introspection and find guidance in life. Pagans or Wiccans believe that equilibrium is found through a personal relationship with elemental forces.

At AuraSpa in Beverly Hills, Dr. Ben Talei has refined this ancient wisdom to bring a holistic approach to beauty. Enjoy feeling and looking good with his bespoke approach to healing.

Rejuvenation with the Air

Our first act on entering this world is to take a breath of oxygen. As such, oxygen is known in many cultures as having life-giving properties, sustaining for body and soul. Tibetan culture relates air to the cleansing color white and the “Buddha” family, incorporating pushing out things that do us harm and learning to love ourselves.

Receiving air treatments at AuraSpa will give you access to these rejuvenating effects. As you relax in one of our top-of-the-line hyperbaric chambers, your cells are encouraged to absorb more oxygen. This promotes healing, aids in detoxification and enhances your immune system.

The Energy of Fire

It is not hard to see why the element of fire holds such a spiritual significance in many belief systems. Flickering flames represent families gathering together to talk and sing, while being protected from danger. Slow burning embers invoke the comfort and security of restful sleep.

Dr. Ben Talei recognizes that our bodies are hardwired to respond to certain light frequencies, as demonstrated by our appreciation for the energy of fire. AuraSpa’s energy treatments use LED light therapy to produce anti-aging effects, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Healing with Water

Water is connected with the flow of energy and wisdom in Western and Asian holistic beliefs. Even the sight or sound of water can promote relaxation and feelings of wellness.
Many people do not receive the water or nutrients they need for proper hydration and good health. AuraSpa’s IV Drip Therapies connect directly with the bloodstream to replenish and fortify your body.

To find out more about the benefits of AuraSpa’s elemental approach to holistic health, contact us in Beverly Hills today.

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