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Get a Clean Start on the New Year

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The beginning of 2020 is the perfect time to begin or continue working on getting your body cleaned out and spruced up for a brand-new decade. Aura Spa is known for holistic healing using the key elements of air, energy and water to produce results for a more beautiful you from the inside out. You help achieve and maintain that process by supplying your body with nourishing foods that promote health and well-being.

Inflammation, Good or Bad?

In the battle for a healthier, more energetic body, one of the major foes is chronic inflammation. The body uses inflammation in a positive way under normal circumstances. In a healthy state, inflammation is used to help fight off those things that can harm the body. This includes infections, toxins and injuries. The body reacts to these by releasing antibodies and proteins from the immune system to fight off the offending intruders. Blood flow to the area is also increased.

Inflammation in the affected area may last only a few hours or days, depending on the severity of the situation. When inflammation lingers after the threat is gone, your body suffers. Inflammation can cause damage to the body’s tissues and organs, resulting in pain and fatigue.

Fight Bad Inflammation with Good Food

When chronic inflammation attacks your body, it can show up in various diseases, from arthritis to respiratory problems. Skin issues also develop as a result of chronic inflammation. Although depending on what it is, the condition you are experiencing may not be curable, the right foods can help minimize problems caused by inflammation.

Foods containing antioxidants, fiber and vitamins will help curb inflammation. They help the body function better and assist in the removal of harmful toxins. Berries, green leafy vegetables, nuts and oily fish are all part of a healthy, healing diet regime. Each of these foods contain a substance that fights aging or assists in reducing chronic inflammation. All of them provide nourishment on the cellular level and help the body heal itself.

Take advantage of the healing provided by nature by eating healthy, nourishing foods. Keep your body adequately hydrated. Turn to AuraSpa for holistic healing and anti-aging medical care. Through proper nutrition and skilled holistic medical care, you can achieve beautiful results for a healthy, happy body from the inside out. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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