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Healing Treatments to Recover Quicker After Surgery

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When preparing for surgery, patients sometimes worry about how long their recovery will take and when they can resume normal activities. The length of time it takes to recuperate from surgery varies from patient to patient and is also determined by the nature of the procedure itself. Still, there are steps you can take to minimize the recovery period.

For example, patients undergoing cosmetic or other surgical procedures can take advantage of AuraSpa of Beverly Hills Center’s post-op healing therapies for enhanced, expedited recuperation.

Boost Your Recovery Efforts

Following post-procedure care instructions, eating a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle are the fundamental necessities for optimal post-surgery results. When you combine those behaviors with our healing procedures, you boost your recovery.

At AuraSpa, we believe the synergy of air, energy and water therapies can profoundly affect the healing process. They also have anti-aging effects, making you look and feel younger. Thus, a customized treatment plan can help you heal faster, look younger and feel better.

Healing Treatments that Hasten Recovery

The body requires proper nutrition, hydration and care while healing from surgery. However, there are ways to speed up the healing process and lessen any discomfort beyond the formal recommendations (rest, ice and compression).

AuraSpa’s anti-aging regenerative treatments (explained below) can also be used to speed up surgery healing.

Ozone Therapy: Element Air
Ozone therapy is used to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. It is a wonderful, potent, simple and cost-effective remedy for some of the most challenging-to-treat disorders, like neuroinflammatory diseases and chronic Lyme disease. In addition, it helps to reduce inflammation and the risk of infections.
Ozone has a dual effect: it boosts oxygen levels in the blood and makes the body’s immune system more responsive to toxins and illnesses. You will notice the benefits of ozone therapy in improved stamina, clarity of thought, ease of mobility and general contentment.
Hyperbaric Chamber: Element Air
The delivery of oxygen to tissues is essential for their recovery and regeneration. Our hyperbaric oxygen chamber improves cellular oxygenation, which speeds up the healing process.
IV Therapies: Element Water
IV therapies hydrate and replenish nutrients, aiding healing. They bypass the digestive system, injecting fluids and nutrients into the bloodstream for better absorption. Our drips are excellent supplements to other services and work well as standalone procedures to enhance wellness and recovery.
LED Light Therapy: Element Energy
Light waves can heal and treat various ailments non-invasively. The LightStim LED bed allows our patients to benefit from this. After only a few sessions, you will experience lessened discomfort, a boost in collagen production and faster recovery.

Scheduling Post-Operative Treatments

Recovery from surgery is a challenging process. Recognize that your body is particularly delicate after a procedure and treat it as such. Dr. Talei may recommend one or more post-operative therapies, depending on the procedure you are recovering from and other personal circumstances. Contact AuraSpa of Beverly Hills Center today to understand how post-operative treatments can speed recovery.

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