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Is Your Inflammation Compromising Your Range Of Motion Or Causing You Pain?

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If you go to reach for a particular item out of your pantry and realize your ability to reach your arm fully and without pain is compromised, you may be suffering from inflammation. Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting you from infection from foreign organisms. There are also times when your immune system triggers an inflammatory response as well.

If you have inflammation, you most likely are experiencing redness, swelling, joint pain and stiffness and loss of joint function or range of motion. This inflammation is your body’s defense mechanism. Your body recognizes damaged cells, irritants, and pathogens. This process is your body’s way of healing itself from these painful issues. Inflammation is often painful because the swelling associated with it pushes against your sensitive nerve endings.

Common Painful Conditions Of Your Joints Associated With Inflammation

  1. Low Back Pain
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Fibromyalgia
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Arthritis

If you suffer from inflammation, say “yes” to things like ginger, turmeric, olive oil, tomatoes, nuts, salmon and fruit. Avoid eating foods that aggravate inflammation such as fried foods, refined carbohydrates, soda, red meat, and lard.

If you suffer from inflammation why not consider LED Light Therapy as well? LED Light Therapy is a revolutionary option for promoting healing and rejuvenation. It can help you with your inflammation and help increase your range of motion while decreasing your level of pain at the same time. As a bonus, it also improves the appearance of your skin. Call Aura Spa today to learn more about LED Light Therapy and how it can help with your inflammation and other health issues.

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