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Make Your Hangover Not Hang Around With Drip IV Therapy

Man with Hangover Headache

“Happiness is waking up without a hangover.” – Robert Black

A night of fun and drinking can lead to a morning and aftermath of the symptoms of a hangover. Common symptoms of a hangover may include: headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, stomach problems, drowsiness, sweating, excessive thirst and cognitive fuzziness.

Alcohol is a diuretic. This increases your urine production and most heavy drinkers are most likely not drinking water at that time as well. For this reason, drinking alcohol often causes dehydration. Many scientists believe that several of the effects and symptoms of hangovers (thirst, dizziness and lightheadedness) may be more as a result of dehydration than overdrinking.

Alcohol also suppresses your secretion of an anti-diuretic hormone called vasopressin. This hormone tells your kidney to start conserving and recycling body water. When this hormone is suppressed, vital water is lost.

AuraSpa offers Customized Drip IV Therapy options, which allow you to hydrate and replenish to help combat and relieve your symptoms related to a hangover. The IV process usually takes less than an hour and helps you feel revitalized immediately while you are infused with nutrients to continue to nourish your body.

The benefits of Drip IV Therapy reach beyond curing your hangover. They also are effective for revitalization and enhancement for beauty, detox, fitness, hydration, libido, Myers drip, and slimming. When you visit AuraSpa you can combine one of our drip IV therapies with other services for your wellness and beauty. Call and book your appointment today.

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