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Mid-Summer and How Is Your Skin?

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One of the wonderful things about living in California is the near constant sunshine. One of the things that can wreak havoc on your skin is the near constant sunshine. Too much sun comes at a high price these days. Thank goodness AuraSpa is here to help with a holistic approach to healing.

The Sun and Vitamin D Production

There are many benefits to being out in the sunshine. Natural sunlight is needed in order for the body to produce vitamin D. This vitamin is necessary for overall health. Inflammation is kept at bay, blood pressure is kept lower, muscles require it and it improves brain function. Some studies show that vitamin D may even help protect you against some types of cancer. Without a sufficient amount of this crucial vitamin, the risk of heart disease, prostrate cancer and dementia increases. You can get what you need from 10-15 minutes a day in the sun.

The Sun and Aging Skin

What happens when you have more exposure than necessary? Ultraviolet rays cause damage to the elastic fibers in your skin. This causes wrinkles to form. Sun damage causes dark spots, also known as “liver spots,” to form on exposed areas. In fact, there are estimates that 90% of skin aging is due to exposure to the sun.

When your skin gets more than enough sun, stem cells begin to die off. These cells are responsible for replacing dead cells, so if they are not functioning properly, your skin is unable to replace cells efficiently. UV radiation also activates enzymes that break down collagen. With the loss of elastin and collagen, your skin begins to age rapidly and you may begin to look older than your actual age.

Skin Repair Treatments

AuraSpa offers a variety of treatments to restore your skin to a more youthful appearance. With our services and treatments for holistic anti-aging medical care, sun damage can be treated, providing you with glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Enjoy your summer and remember to protect your skin. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment to ensure your skin maintains optimum health.

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