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Not Feeling The Love For Your Skin’s Aging Process?

Hyperbaric Chamber at AuraSpa Beverly Hills CA

Aura Spa offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to give you the anti-aging benefits you deserve. If you’re looking to give your skin some love during this season of Valentine’s Day, it might be time to explore if this type of therapy is right for you.

Do you ever wonder what makes your skin look old?

Wrinkles, lack of elasticity and collagen, and loss of volume all give you the appearance of age, but did you ever consider how that happens? Your thinning skin is a result of fewer skin cells. Your body has millions of cells. Multiplying cells happen often, however, each cell can only multiply a certain amount of times before it dies. As you age, more cells are lost or damaged. These losses and damages result in signs of aging. The fewer cells you have, the less young and full your skin becomes.

Sustaining Your Cells

In order to sustain and heal your cells, your body needs oxygen for nourishment. Intensified oxygen allows your cells to heal and regenerate, encouraging collagen production, volume, and elasticity in your skin. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy facilitates oxygen delivery to your skin, helping rejuvenate and improve the youthfulness of your face.

If Valentine’s Day is inspiring you to love your skin again and reverse the signs of aging, contact Aura Spa Beverly Hills Center. To learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other anti-aging treatments call us today to schedule your consultation. We offer our patients a hyperbaric chamber therapy to offer you enhanced healing and wellness. Call us today.

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