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Prepare for Fall with a Myers’ Drip

Healthy Fruit IV Drips

Intravenous therapy is a growing means of treating and even preventing some conditions and illnesses. The “Myers’ Cocktail” is named for the late Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who is considered a pioneer in treating chronic conditions with intravenous injections of nutrients. At AuraSpa, A Beverly Hills Holistic Healing Center, Dr. Ben Talei and his talented staff offer our own “Myers’ Drip,” a special blend of the original treatment that began IV therapy.

Boost Your Immune System

This popular infusion contains a mixture of vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium, painstakingly formulated to help balance and hydrate the body. This formula is proven to successfully treat many conditions ranging from fatigue, chronic sinusitis and upper respiratory infections to seasonal allergies and the common cold. It can also provide a needed boost to strengthen the body’s own immune system.

As with any IV therapy, the secret behind The Myers’ Drip is the direct infusion into the bloodstream of several essential vitamins and minerals. Because these nutrients bypass the digestive tract, the body is able to absorb substantially more into the cells. This means more of the valuable minerals are available for the body’s use.

IV Therapy at AuraSpa

With fall bringing flu and allergy season once again, you can be prepared to withstand the onslaught against your immune system by giving it a substantial boost in strength. The Myers’ Drip infusion therapy takes about an hour. In no time, you can fortify your system with this powerful combination of nutrients and be back to your daily routine.

If you want to prepare for the fall and all its health risks, come to the AuraSpa for the Myers’ Drip. Contact our Beverly Hills Holistic Healing Center by phone or online to schedule your IV therapy session, and be sure to ask our staff about our other drip formulas that may be beneficial for you.

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