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Self-Care is Essential in These Trying Times

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With all that is going on in the world, many people are suffering from diminished well-being. If you are tired, stressed or experiencing ill health, taking time out for healing is essential. You owe it to yourself to pursue the most effective solutions in Beverly Hills.

As a Beverly Hills holistic healing center, AuraSpa offers specialist therapies that are focused on wellness and rejuvenation. The human body needs certain elements to thrive, but those elements are not always abundant in the spaces that humans typically inhabit.


Air contains the chief element oxygen, which is essential for all living things on Earth. When your cells are not getting the oxygen they need, premature aging and health issues can occur.

Ozone therapy and OxyHelp Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber sessions deliver higher levels of oxygen to the cells. These treatments can aid in cell rejuvenation, making you look and feel younger with each visit to AuraSpa.

LightStim LED Bed

The LightStim LED Bed is energy-based therapy that is available in Beverly Hills from AuraSpa. By using specific light spectrums, we can trigger positive reactions in the skin. Rejuvenation, pain relief and better blood flow are just some of the benefits of this treatment.

Along with the benefits to physical wellness, a session on the LightStim LED Bed can improve mental well-being. You can relax and feel all your worries melt away at our comfortable Beverly Hills clinic.

Water Therapies

Without oxygen and water, life on Earth could not survive. Getting enough water is not always achievable with a busy work or family life. AuraSpa delivers IV rehydration therapies with added essential nutrients.

With custom IV drips, we are able to target the bodily systems that need replenished nutrition and hydration. Water is essential for a healthy circulatory system, digestive system and much more. If you are constantly feeling sick, tired or stressed, turn to AuraSpa for water therapies that offer immediate results.

Would you like to learn more about our Beverly Hills holistic health center? Call our offices today with any questions, or book a rejuvenating therapy session today at AuraSpa.

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