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The 10 Drip IV Therapy Options at AuraSpa of Beverly Hills Center

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Hydration is essential for mental and physical performance, as well as attractiveness and weight maintenance. Fortunately, AuraSpa offers hydration IV therapy to help your body regain its balance, so you stay looking good.

Our drips restore your body’s water supply instantly. Plus, we combine it with nutrients to improve your overall health. IV treatments work so well because they bypass the digestive system and deliver the fluid and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, enabling better absorption.

At AuraSpa, we offer ten different Drip IV therapies to suit various needs and lifestyles.

Drip IV Therapy Varieties

You can hydrate and refill based on your lifestyle and wellness issues when you come to AuraSpa of Beverly Hills for drip IV therapy. Your body will be revitalized in a particular way by each drip’s unique blend of nutrients. The selection includes:


Our beauty nutrients increase collagen and elastin production, resulting in younger, healthier skin. They also protect the cells from oxidative stress and the effects of aging.

B-12 Shots

Vitamin B-12 is essential for optimal brain and nervous system function and red blood cell synthesis. In addition, it aids in protein and fat metabolism. Therefore, your body can burn fat more efficiently and have more energy for activities by supplementing B-12, which further aids in weight loss.

B-12 Fat Burner

Losing weight is a crucial first step to good health for many people. The fat burner supplements in this drip contain amino acids and enzymes that speed fat metabolism and prevent it from piling up in critical locations like the liver. Therefore, this B-12 drip with a fat burner can significantly increase your weight reduction results.


Some toxins in your body are byproducts of metabolism and other bodily processes. Your body can detoxify itself; but when it is overburdened, toxins accumulate. This drip is meant to assist your body in eliminating toxins to re-establish electrolyte balance.


Athletes pushing their bodies to the limit require even more hydration and nutrients to function at their best and recover faster. Oral supplements can help, although many nutrients are only partially absorbed via digestion. Hence, an IV drip is ideal for athletes; it can immediately hydrate and provide maximum absorption of nutrients.


Glutathione is a potent antioxidant with anti-aging properties. It can improve skin quality by promoting collagen formation, minimizing acne and dark spots and making it lighter overall.

Hangover Cure

It’s easy to overindulge in social situations, resulting in a hangover because alcohol dehydrates the body. In addition, this dehydration causes weariness, brain confusion and general discomfort. This IV drip takes less than an hour, saving you a full day of recovery.


Stress, illness, exertion and healing can cause dehydration. Getting enough water and restoring electrolytes isn’t always easy. This drip can quickly provide the necessary water and electrolytes.

IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy

This drip allows you to receive a personalized dose of beneficial and therapeutic vitamins, depending on your needs.

Myers Drip

This drip contains vitamin C and B and magnesium, which aid in hydrating the body. It is ideal for those who need a quick boost or wish to improve their general health and those who suffer from migraines, allergies, inflammation or a cold.

Pairing Drips with Other Services

Drips can be paired with other health and anti-aging services. So, when you visit our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills for IV therapy, don’t forget to ask about our other fabulous treatments.

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