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The Multiple Benefits of LightStim LED Bed Therapies

AuraSpa Patient Being Treated with LightStim Bed

Do you want a safe and effective way to reduce the effects of aging, improve circulation or promote healing? The LightStim LED bed is capable of producing multiple health benefits through the use of different colored light spectrums. These therapies are tried and tested; however, the LightStim LED bed is the only device of its kind in existence.

Anti-Aging Benefits

The LightStim LED bed provides the most benefits for health issues that impact on the skin and aging. If you are concerned about premature aging due to sun damage, collagen reduction or genetics, LED treatments can help reverse the effects.

This is a safe and non-invasive treatment option for patients who prefer to avoid surgery. Therapy using the LightStim LED bed can also be used in combination with other treatment options. However, as LED treatment stimulates collagen production, many patients will not need additional treatments.

Increased Circulation

Increasing circulation has multiple health benefits for patients. Blood flowing to the skin can reduce the rate of aging as well as promote healing. Your skin will look and feel younger when blood flow is improved. LightStim LED bed treatments can stimulate blood flow and improve circulation for overall better health.

When blow flow is reduced, cell death occurs at a faster rate. Organs also need to work harder to keep bodily processes functioning. There are multiple serious health conditions connected to poor circulation, which is why LightStim LED bed therapies are ideal for promoting complete wellness.

The healing effects of LightStim LED bed treatments are well documented. Patients who have suffered an injury or general poor health should consult with a holistic specialist. One treatment can have multiple positive outcomes that you may not have considered.

To learn more about LightStim LED bed and light spectrum therapies, call AuraSpa Beverly Hills Center today.

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