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Your Nutrition: Suggestions For Optimal Health And Wellness

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On the road to optimal health and wellness, there’s no question that nutrition plays a vital role. Not only can the right foods and ingredients help individuals reach and maintain a healthy weight, the right foods naturally combat chronic illness and diseases such as heart disease and cancer. In the following discussion, Naturopathic Doctor, Jasmine Talei, explains the enormous health benefits of sardines, why cilantro is one of her favorite herbs and how radicchio boosts digestion for optimal absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, sardines contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the risk of blood clots and lowering blood pressure. The long-chain fatty acid, EPA, first gained its popularity for its cardiovascular benefits. EPA is also a vital nutrient that can help individuals struggling with depression, anxiety and neurodegenerative disease. In turn, DHA, when found in increasing amounts in the brain and eyes, helps with cognitive development. In fact, kids with ADHD often have lower blood levels of DHA, as noted by Dr. Talei. Finally, these fatty acids also promote the health of the cell membranes, while hydrating skin.

Sardines are an excellent source of B12, they are a great choice for protecting against cognitive decline. B12 is widely used to boost energy levels and combat fatigue, as well as improving confusion and memory loss.

While sardines tend to have a negative reputation in the United States, Healthline explains that these small fish are abundant in nutritional benefits. Because sardines feast on plankton only, they do not contain the high levels of mercury that other fish do. Dr. Talei mentions that sardines are a great fish to place on top of a salad. For added taste, she mashes them into a blend of chickpea miso, organic mayo, apple cinder vinegar, lemon, olive oil and celtic salt.

Also a great add-on to a salad or dish (or even guacamole or soup, for that matter!) is cilantro. In particular, cilantro is great for detoxification of heavy metals. This is important, because heavy metals often grasp onto fat tissues, and can remain for up to 10 years. Thus, as cilantro binds to heavy metals, the body’s ability to properly get rid of these toxins is supported. Best of all, a more efficient excretion process can help individuals get rid of unwanted fat easier.

Similarly, radicchio is used in salads alongside other leafy greens. Resembling red lettuce or cabbage, radicchio is a bitter vegetable that helps individuals absorb what they eat. Bitters play an important role in digestion, because they increase the secretion of the hormone called gastrin. This allows for gastric acid to be released, which aids in the proper breakdown of foods for better absorption. Moreover, bitters also encourage detoxification pathways within the liver. Dr. Talei likes to mix raddichio with other leafy greens, and topping them with olive oil, lemon, and celtic salt.

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Jasmine TaleiWhether it’s battling a chronic illness or seeking increased vitality, Jasmine loves helping others reach their optimal health. Jasmine has a variety of tools at her disposal to achieve wellness by addressing the root cause of symptoms, in the least-invasive way. By providing individuals with the proper support, Jasmine wishes to empower each person to take charge of and advocate for their own health.