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Your Wonderful Skin

Beautiful Skin Beverly Hills, CA

You may have heard that your skin is your body’s largest organ. It is also your body’s heaviest organ, making up roughly 15% of your body weight. The surface area of skin is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 square meters and it weighs between 7.5 and 22 pounds, depending on height and the size of your body. While on the one hand it is a very stable and tough flexible barrier that protects your body from harmful things in the environment, it also requires special care and upkeep. Your skin works hard and keeping it in good condition helps it function better and keeps you looking younger longer.

A Multi-purpose Organ

Not only does your skin keep your insides inside, it also has many other functions. It protects your body from the elements, germs and toxic substances. It may surprise you to realize how vulnerable you would be to the environment if your skin did not work as well as it does. In fact, there are those who suffer from skin conditions in which the toxicity of the everyday environment has a deleterious effect on their health.

Your skin reflects your general health. A pale look may be indicative of anemia while yellowish skin can indicate hepatitis. Certain personal habits can wreak havoc on your skin causing you to look older than your actual age. Smoking, alcohol abuse and drug abuse will do this over time.

Your body temperature is regulated through your skin. It can help prevent dehydration and to a degree insulates the body against heat and cold. Your skin also allows you to feel certain sensations which may trigger a reflex that can keep you from getting hurt.

It stores water, fat and metabolic products. In addition to its capacity to store things for the body, skin also produces hormones benefitting the entire body. And there are still more things this wonderful organ does.

Taking Care of Your Skin

You exercise to keep your heart healthy, eat healthy foods to keep your other organs functioning properly and hopefully you also take the necessary precautions to keep your skin in good shape. Keeping it hydrated from within and without is vital. Skin needs to be properly cleansed and moisturized. In addition to being uncomfortable, dry skin can lead to cracked skin which leaves the body vulnerable to infection from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

AuraSpa of Beverly Hills Center uses the basic elements of air, energy and water to keep your skin healthy. Our healing therapies not only help you feel better, they also make you look better. Contact us today to inquire about the ways in which we can help you improve your body from the inside out.

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