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Heal Injuries

Over the last few decades, several medical studies have been completed on the effectiveness of light therapy for healing. The results have shown a positive correlation between LED light therapy and improved healing for injuries and wounds. Whether you have injured a knee joint training for a marathon or are recovering from surgery, LED light therapy may be an option to improve and hasten healing.

At AuraSpa, we utilize the LightStim LED bed for our patients in need of healing through light therapy. The patented LightStim MultiWave® technology creates several spectrums of light waves that can impact the body’s ability to heal. Sessions are comfortable and safe, without any downtime or recovery needed after treatment.

Benefits of Light Therapy for Healing

Heal Injuries
The benefits of light therapy for healing are well-established with dozens of studies proving the effects. Hundreds of medical facilities around the country use light therapy as part of the healing process for patients recovering from injuries or surgery. The recognized benefits of light therapy on healing include:

  • Reduced inflammation, allowing for quicker healing and less pain
  • Regeneration of blood vessels (angiogenesis)
  • Increased fibroblast proliferation for wound healing
  • Improved collagen synthesis
  • Increased granulation tissue formation

All these combined benefits a have a dramatic impact on injury and wound healing. Not only can LED light therapy decrease healing and recovery time, it can help minimize pain and discomfort for the patient. From minor and major injuries to surgical recovery, using light therapy can be a beneficial treatment option.

At AuraSpa, we offer LED light therapy for injury healing, rehabilitation, increased collagen and overall wellness. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of LED light therapy for injury healing and other issues, contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to book your consultation.