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Increase Blood Flow

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When you are exposed to certain wavelengths of light energy, it can create a shift in your body’s circulatory system. When the body is exposed to a full spectrum of light, it can stimulate circulation to your skin and many other tissues that need repair. Improved blood flow throughout the body can have health benefits, even for those without circulation problems. The LightStim LED beds we use at AuraSpa offer multiple spectrums of light, including those that stimulate blood flow and improve circulation.

Blood flow is something you may take for granted, but it is essential to nourishing and healing in the body. It is needed to deliver nutrients and oxygen and to cleanse and eliminate toxins. The skin is often affected by poor circulation which can worsen with age. When the blood flow does not reach your skin cells as often as needed, they can become damaged and slowdown in repair and regeneration. This can be true for cells throughout the body, creating a breakdown in health and wellness.

Benefits of Improved Circulation

Using LED light therapy can help improve overall circulation, especially to the facial region. The full spectrum of light wavelengths stimulates blood flow and ensures the cells in the skin and other tissues are receiving the vital oxygen and nutrients they need. Improved circulation can help with repairing the skin, detoxifying the body, healing, inflammation/pain reduction and much more. Your skin and body can feel revitalized after a session, invigorating the cells and helping improve your overall wellness.

Enjoy the benefits of improved blood flow with LED light therapy sessions at AuraSpa. Contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to schedule your first light therapy treatment, and experience the difference improved circulation can have on your health and appearance.