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Increase Range of Motion

Losing the ability to perform routine movements can impact your quality of life. Whether injuries or health issues have diminished your range of motion, finding options to help your body recover is essential. One option to stimulate healing and to improve your range of motion is using light therapy. At AuraSpa, we offer LightStim LED beds that emit multiple spectrum light energy to help repair your skin and body for overall wellness and health.

Your range of motion can be impacted by many different issues, especially in your joints. Shoulders, knees, wrists, fingers, the neck and even the spine all have joints that can become inflamed. When there is pain and swelling, it is difficult to move as you should. To overcome injuries that limit your range of motion, you need to improve blood flow to facilitate reduction of inflammation and healing.

Reduce Inflammation with Light Therapy

Increase Range of Motion
LED light therapy can improve the processes in your body. Light energy can stimulate blood flow throughout the body, helping deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues to help them heal. This also helps reduce inflammation and vitalizes the repair processes. Using light therapy treatments can offer relief for inflamed joints and pain, foster healing and allow you to begin to experience improved range of motion again.

With light therapy, you receive the healing benefits of light wave energy without the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. This method of treatment emits the spectrum of lights that can offer health benefits to the body, including improving blood flow, repair and detoxification which can help those inflicted with range of motion issues.

If you want to have reduced pain and improved range of motion, LED light therapy may be a good option for you. Contact our AuraSpa Healing Center to schedule your first session in our LightStim LED bed to experience the benefits of light energy treatments.