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LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy (Bed)

LED anti-aging light therapy is a regenerative approach to anti-aging. If you have ever frequented a tanning bed, the UV light actually damages your skin over time. You get a tan, but your skin pays the price. In our LED light therapy bed, there is no thermal damage to the skin, and the non-invasive treatment promotes healthy cell creation and turnover. The safe LED light penetrates your skin from head to toe and jump-starts your body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes. This includes better circulation and increased collagen production.

Dr. Ben Talei and the staff at AuraSpa Healing Center of Beverly Hills offer this innovative LED anti-aging light therapy through a bed for all-over skin rejuvenation. Patients lie in the LED light bed for 12 to 15 minutes of warm relaxation. Some results can be witnessed immediately, while a series of treatments over time can produce even better results. Use the harnessed and directed power of light to erase the signs of aging and produce healthy, smooth and beautiful skin.

Whole Body LED Skincare (Bed) in Beverly Hills

Each relaxing session in the full-body LED light bed will energize, detoxify and activate your body’s natural healing powers by initiating cell turnover and DNA repair. Different wavelengths of light, each with its own color, treat different skin conditions. The LED light can treat age spots, acne, fine lines and damaged or irritated skin to reverse signs of aging and promote well-being.

Dr. Talei and the AuraSpa staff will tailor a treatment plan that is specifically designed for your unique skincare needs. Women who are pregnant or patients with pacemakers should avoid LED light therapy, as should those on certain medications. The AuraSpa staff will review your medical history and condition as part of a comprehensive LED light therapy consultation before any sessions are carried out. For more information, contact the AuraSpa Healing Center of Beverly Hills today.