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LED Anti-Aging Light Therapy (Face Panel)

Now you can harness the power of light to combat the signs of aging with non-invasive LED anti-aging light therapy. These cosmetic treatments use focused LED (light-emitting diode) therapy at different wavelengths to treat various cosmetic needs. Each wavelength has its own particular color. Different areas and layers of skin can be treated without affecting the surrounding portions that need no treatment. Dr. Ben Talei and his talented staff at the AuraSpa Healing Center of Beverly Hills offer LED therapy to patients.

Focused light waves penetrate the depths of your skin and cause certain reactions, such as stimulating collagen production, killing bacteria and healing damaged or irritated skin. The anti-aging effects help to eliminate spots, lines, acne and more to produce younger-looking, vibrant skin that belies your age. Dr. Talei uses an adjustable face panel to treat your face with focused light while you relax. You will be required to wear eye protection and a drape to protect your clothing.

Most treatments only take about 15 to 20 minutes, and you will experience no side effects. Several treatments will be scheduled to obtain the maximum benefits. Dr. Talei and his staff will craft a treatment plan specifically targeting your individual skincare needs. LED anti-aging light therapy is safe for all skin tones and patients of different ethnicities.

Beverly Hills LED Facial (Face Panel)

LED anti-aging light therapy, also known as an LED facial, is customized by Dr. Talei to treat your specific skin issues. Red or near-infrared light helps to heal damaged, irritated and inflamed skin. Blue light kills bacteria underneath the skin, making it perfect for acne treatment. Other colors, like green and yellow, are also used for specific issues.

To experience the latest in non-invasive facial treatments using LED anti-aging light therapy, contact the AuraSpa Healing Center of Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation.