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Ozone Therapy

Nourishing your cells with oxygen has many benefits, including anti-aging. Your cells need oxygen, yet they can be deprived beyond the minimum they need to survive. For improved healing and regeneration of skin cells, accelerated oxygen delivery can offer many benefits. One of our oxygen treatments at AuraSpa is ozone therapy, an enhancing anti-aging treatment to help you look and feel your best. It helps oxygenate the blood, feeding your cells for improved health and a more youthful appearance.

When the cells receive as much oxygen as they require, they thrive. They can heal faster and live longer. However, taxations on the body and pollution in our air minimizes the oxygen you receive. Enhanced levels of oxygen can maximize the potential of your cells. Not only can this improve your health, it can have benefits for your skin and tissues. Ozone therapy is a way to increase oxygen levels in the blood, giving you access to improved health and anti-aging properties.

What is Ozone?

Most people hear the word ozone and they think of the ozone layer in our atmosphere. While this may have a negative connotation, ozone is just another gas. While it is not something we want to breathe, when introduced into our bodies, it can have health benefits. Once in our bloodstream, ozone is not harmful, but can help our cells thrive. It works like an anti-fungal, antibacterial agent, protecting cells and helping them heal from the inside out.

Ozone therapy can be used to improve healing after surgery or for improved overall health and immunity. It has anti-aging properties and is safe and non-invasive. To learn more about ozone therapy and the many other anti-aging treatments we offer, contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills today. Schedule your initial consultation with one of our specialists.