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Post-Operative Healing

For our patients that have undergone plastic or other surgeries, we offer post-operative healing treatments for improved, quicker recovery. Our team at AuraSpa is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through our combined air-energy-water therapies, which can be extremely beneficial during healing. This can help reduce pain, stimulate tissue/skin rejuvenation, relieve inflammation and shorten recovery times for our post-operative patients.

Types of Post-Operative Treatments

When the body is recovering from surgery, it needs nourishment and care for faster healing. Rest, ice and compression are commonly prescribed to promote healing, but there are options to accelerate the process and reduce discomfort. At AuraSpa, our regenerative treatments for anti-aging can also be used to hasten healing after surgery. Some of the treatments that can be beneficial include:

  • Hyperbaric chamber. Tissues require oxygen to heal and repair. Oxygen therapy in our hyperbaric chamber increases oxygen to the cells in the body, facilitating quicker healing and recovery.
  • Ozone therapy. Another option to increase oxygen and healing is our ozone therapy, which can also reduce discomfort, chance of infection and limit inflammation.
  • IV therapies. Replenishing fluids and nutrients can help the healing process, available through our various IV therapies.
  • LED light therapy. Sessions on our LightStim LED bed can help reduce pain, increase collagen production and improve the healing process.

Depending on the surgery and patient, Dr. Talei may recommend one or a combination of different post-operative healing therapies. Patients can have quicker recoveries with reduced discomfort with these innovative healing treatments.

At AuraSpa, we offer the latest options in alternative treatments for anti-aging and overall health and wellness, including post-operative therapies. If you are recovering from surgery or planning a procedure, contact our AuraSpa Healing Center to learn more about how post-operative treatments can speed healing and recovery.