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Regenerative Medicine

The body can heal itself when given the elements to do so, which is the principle behind our holistic approach to wellness and anti-aging at AuraSpa. When skin cells and hair follicles age, they no longer regenerate as they once did. Skin loses its youthful appearance and hair no longer retains its thickness and fullness. Our regenerative medicine options at AuraSpa include nourishing the body from the inside out, including IV therapies and PRP treatments.

For skin, hair and cell regeneration throughout the body, hydration and nourishment is key. Water, one of the essential elements to health, can facilitate healing and regeneration. We use IV therapies to hydrate the body and restore the nutrients needed for overall health. When combined with other treatments available at our med spa such as PRP treatments and oxygen therapies, our methods can have a regenerative effect on skin, hair and overall health.

What Is PRP Treatment?

One of our regenerative medicine options is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments for the skin and hair. PRP is retrieved from your blood by collecting it through a centrifuge to filter out the platelet-rich plasma that is high is growth factors that promote healing. When concentrated and injected into areas that need regeneration or healing, PRP can help facilitate quicker repairs and improved results. We offer these regenerative options using PRP at AuraSpa:

When it comes to regeneration and healing, a holistic approach can offer incredible results. At AuraSpa, we use our oxygen and IV water therapies as well as PRP treatments and other methods to help our patients heal and experience regeneration at a quicker pace. Contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to learn more about our regeneration medicine options and to schedule a consultation.