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Water – IV Therapies

Water is a key component of every aspect of life on our planet. Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is water, and when you are hydrated, about two-thirds of your body is also water. Hydration is a key element of health, from brain function and physical performance to beauty and weight maintenance. Yet, many people do not stay properly hydrated or absorb the other nutrients they need for optimal health.

At AuraSpa, we offer water IV therapies that can restore your body to a hydrated state. Our drips give your body immediate water replenishment into your circulatory system, and we combine the elemental hydration with special blends of nutrients to enhance your wellness. IV therapy allows the water and nutrients to bypass the digestive system and directly be implemented into the bloodstream for improved absorption.

Customized Drip IV Therapies

Water impacts every system in your body, as do various nutrients. Our custom drip IV therapy options allow our patients to hydrate and replenish based on their lifestyle and wellness concerns. Each drip contains a special blend of nutrients that can enhance your health and revitalize your body. Our drip IV therapy options include:

When you visit AuraSpa, you can combine one of our drip IV therapies with other services to enhance wellness and beauty. A beauty drip combined with a facial and other aesthetic options can fortify your skin, hair and body from the inside out. The IV process usually takes less than an hour and can help you feel revitalized immediately while the infused nutrients continue to nourish your body.

Restore and hydrate for wellness, beauty and energy. Schedule your IV therapy session at our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to experience complete hydrated and nourishment customized for your lifestyle.