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B-12 with Fat Burner

Good health and weight loss often go hand in hand. For many, a crucial first step to good health is losing extra weight by diet and exercise. When part of a comprehensive, medically supervised weight loss plan designed specifically for your needs, B-12 injections with added fat burner nutrients can add a significant boost to your overall weight loss regimen. Dr. Ben Talei and the staff at AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills offer B-12 with fat burner injections for our patients.

Often called lipotropic injections (because one benefit is aiding in the breakdown of lipids – fat – in the body), fat burner additives contain amino acids and enzymes that supercharge the metabolism of fat and prevent it from building up in crucial places, like the liver. Combined with the already-powerful metabolic effects of vitamin B-12, these treatments can boost energy while enabling your body to better shed pounds and inches.

Boost Weight Loss with B-12 and Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections with added B-12 can be a safe, healthy way to re-energize your weight loss program if you have stalled, or as part of a comprehensive weight loss regimen planned for your specific needs. Dr. Talei and the AuraSpa staff can work with you to create a tailored weight loss and health program that includes B-12 and lipotropic injections to help you burn fat more naturally and effectively.

Before beginning any weight loss program, you should consult with your primary care physician or AuraSpa professional. Dr. Talei and his staff can perform a complete medical evaluation to help determine the best treatments for your overall good health, including a supervised weight loss program. If your health condition permits, it could include a series of scheduled vitamin B-12 and lipotropic injections.

If you have questions about using vitamin B-12 and fat burner injections for weight loss, or you need help with weight loss, call our Beverly Hills office at (424) 303-5800 or request a consultation online. AuraSpa Healing Center is your weight loss and aesthetics specialist in Beverly Hills, CA.