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Beauty Drip

The old adage says, “true beauty comes from within.” This is true in more ways than one. Your skin, hair, nails and body need hydration and nourishment to stay healthy and beautiful, especially as you get older. When you lack hydration, it shows. Skin cells shrink and shrivel then skin is dry, flaky and prone to damage. Give your skin and body the water it craves and nutrients to flourish with our “Beauty Drip” at AuraSpa.

Hydration is important for skin at any age, but as you get older, it becomes even more crucial to maintain beautiful skin. As collagen breaks down, it is harder for skin cells to retain water to protect it against damage. If water levels in the body drop, skin cells are among the first to be depleted and the last to receive water again when you hydrate. IV therapy drips give your body and skin cells the water they need to regenerate and thrive, helping you look your best.

Infused Nutrients for Beauty

Antioxidants, amino acids and electrolytes all are needed to nourish skin, nails and hair, protecting the cells from damage and the effects of aging. Our “Beauty Drip” is infused with these nutrients, offering a higher level of absorption to enhance beauty at a cellular level. The hydration and nourishment give you the elements you need to restore health for a vibrant glow from the inside out. Our customized blend of nutrients for beauty are designed to boost collagen and elastin replenishment, helping you maintain younger, healthier skin.

Give your body the water and nutrients it craves for healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails. Contact us today to schedule a “Beauty Drip” at our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills, and combine it with one or more of our many other anti-aging treatments to revitalize your skin to look radiant at any age.