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Almost everything your body absorbs through eating, breathing and drinking can contain or create toxins. Toxins are not just pollutants in the air or chemicals in the foods we eat, but also bi-products created from metabolism and other processes in the body. Your body works around the clock to detoxify, but sometimes it can fall behind. Give your body a detoxifying boost with a “Detox Drip” at AuraSpa.

IV therapy can benefit your body through hydration and cleansing. Our “Detox Drip” is designed to help your body flush out toxins and restore electrolyte balance to improve overall wellness. Relax in our spa, and allow your body to directly receive the pure water it needs to flush out toxins while replenishing nutrients. Drips usually take less than an hour and can be combined with other services to benefit your wellness and anti-aging regimen.

Symptoms of Toxin Overload

Your body can detoxify itself, but when it is overloaded, those toxins build up in your system. Almost every organ and system in the body can be impacted by toxin overload, affecting your energy levels, brain function, appearance and overall health. Some symptoms that can be linked to toxins include:

  • Fluid retention
  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath
  • Weight loss resistance
  • Overheating
  • Dull or dry skin and hair

A “Detox Drip” can benefit anyone who wants to help their body clear out toxins and rehydrate. It is a quick way to help flush out the elements that are weighing down your body’s functions while giving it the hydration and nutrients it needs to thrive.

Treat your body to IV therapy at AuraSpa, and feel and see the difference. Contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to schedule your “Detox Drip” or other drip therapy. Feel free to combine your hydration or detox session with any of our other services to feel and look your best.