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Whether you are hitting the gym or the trails, your fitness regimen can take its toll on your body. Those who push their bodies to the limit need hydration and nutrient replenishment more than most, especially to achieve peak performance and quicker recoveries. To enhance your fitness program, AuraSpa offers our “Fitness Drip” to give your body the elemental water and balanced nutrients to perform at its highest level.

Every athlete, from beginners to professionals, should know hydration is important. Every stride, rep and movement are taxing muscles, tendons and cartilage that need hydration to perform and recover. Drinking water is essential to stay hydrated, but you also need nutrients that impact performance and recovery. Oral supplementation can help, but often many nutrients are only partially absorbed through the digestion process. An IV drip can hydrate and give your body the nutrients it needs quickly for optimal absorption.

IV Drip for Replenishing and Recovery

Whether you want to replenish your body before a marathon or help your body recover after the race is done, a “Fitness Drip” can be the answer. We combine nutrients like electrolytes and amino acids with pure water to give your muscles and joints the elements they need before and after strenuous exercise. This can help speed recovery and muscle building, while enhancing performance, giving your body what it needs to maximize your fitness level. IV therapy usually takes less than an hour and can have incredible benefits for those with an active lifestyle.

At AuraSpa, we offer therapies to help you improve your health and appearance, working from the inside out for overall wellness. To learn more about IV therapy or any of our other anti-aging, beauty or health treatments, contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation.