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Hangover Cure

Too many glasses of wine or any of your favorite adult beverages can have a lasting impact. The dreaded headache, queasy stomach, fatigue and lack of cognitive focus is a hefty price to pay. Plus, as you get older, hangovers are more severe and take longer to overcome. Recover from that occasional over-indulgence with AuraSpa’s “Hangover Cure Drip.” It is the quick way to recover and replenish.

When you are enjoying social events, it can be easy to overindulge. One cocktail can turn into three or more, leading to the ultimate consequence, the hangover. Not only do you want to feel better, your body is telling you it needs replenishing. Alcohol dehydrates the body, one of the main causes of hangover symptoms. Plus, you lose electrolytes and other nutrients, leading to fatigue, mental fog and overall discomfort. A quick rehydration and infusion of nutrients directly into your bloodstream can help you bounce back and feel like yourself again after a party indulgence.

IV Drip for Reducing Your Hangover Symptoms

Come into AuraSpa, and find relief from your hangover symptoms. We create a custom blend of nutrients designed to replenish the nutrients and water lost from alcohol consumption, bypassing the digestive system for those feeling nauseous after a long night of partying. Relax and let your body recover. Our IV drips usually take less than an hour and are a wise investment to ensure you do not waste an entire day recovering. You will feel refreshed and revived, ready to tackle the day and night.

Why suffer with a hangover unnecessarily? If you have a few too many and are paying the consequences, contact us at AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills. We can help you recover and replenish with our IV therapy, the ultimate in hangover cures.