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The word hydrate is used frequently when it comes to maintaining health, but still many do not get adequate water in their system. Even with routine water consumption, caffeine, alcohol, exercise, heat and other factors continuously deplete the body of water. Slight dehydration can impact your health and appearance. At AuraSpa, we give you the chance to rehydrate quickly with our custom “Hydrate Drip,” helping you maintain optimal hydration.

There is a reason that IV hydration is used so often in medical treatments. When your body is dealing with stress, illness, exertion or healing, it can become unbalanced and dehydrated. Drinking enough fluids and replacing lost electrolytes is not always as simple as it sounds. One of the first treatments given to patients in emergency rooms is a hydration IV, helping give the body what it needs to heal and recover. However, you do not need to be ill or injured to benefit from IV hydration. It can be used as a form of wellness maintenance to detoxify and replenish for optimal health.

Enjoy the Benefits of Complete Hydration

At AuraSpa, our “Hydrate Drip” gives you the pure water and electrolytes you need to feel and look your best. Every system in your body functions better when it is properly hydrated. Your heart, brain, liver, kidneys and lungs all need proper hydration for health. Muscles and joints need hydration to recover. Plus, your skin and overall appearance are impacted by the loss of water. Adding a routine “Hydrate Drip” to replenish, detoxify and completely hydrate can improve how you feel, look and perform for overall wellness.

Give your body the hydration it needs to maintain your health and appearance. Contact us at AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to schedule your “Hydrate Drip” session, and feel the difference replenishing can make.