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Myers’ Drip

For many decades, the “Myers’ Cocktail” has been used to benefit health and wellbeing. Dr. John Myers created the formula in the 1960’s and had success treating his patients with his special intravenous blend of vitamins and minerals. While Dr. Myers is long gone, the “Myers’ Cocktail” continues to invigorate those that use it to sustain their wellness. At AuraSpa, we offer our own “Myers’ Drip” to give you access to the original blend that began IV drip therapy.

What goes into a “Myers’ Drip”? This blend contains vitamin C, B vitamins and magnesium, formulated to help balance and hydrate the body. This formula has been used to treat many illnesses, from migraines and allergies to inflammation and the common cold. However, you do not need to be ill to reap the rewards of the “Myers’ Drip.” It offers wonderful energy, health and beauty benefits for anyone, detoxifying and hydrating the entire body for improved wellness.

Who Should Try the Myers’ Drip?

Do you want to improve the beauty of your skin? Are you feeling sluggish or fatigued? Anyone who wants to invigorate their body and feel better almost instantly can benefit from a “Myers’ Drip.” It is a perfect option for those who want a quick pick-me-up or just want to improve their overall health. Since the formula is directly introduced into the bloodstream, it bypasses the digestive system and goes directly where it is needed most in your body.

If you want to experience the IV cocktail that started the IV therapy revolution, come to AuraSpa for a “Myers’ Drip.” In about an hour, you can feel the difference of complete hydration and improved energy. Contact our AuraSpa Healing Center in Beverly Hills to schedule your IV therapy session, and ask about our other drip formulas.